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Whale Sharks: The Docile Fish

Posted on April 23 2010 Add Comments

Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the sea, with the lengths of 12 meters (40 feet) or more, whale sharks have an enormous menu from which to choose.
For most sea-dwellers, their favorite meal is plankton. They scoop the tiny animals and plants up, with any small fish that happen to be around, with their [...]

White Beaked Dolphins are fast-swimming species

Posted on February 17 2010 Add Comments

The White-Beaked Dolphins is a fast-swimming and an extremely active species. They are less agile than common dolphins but commonly breach and bow-ride; black, tall curved fin; with white on flanks and over back behind fin.
The white-beaked dolphin ride the bow of boats and may be seen leaping out of the water and landing [...]

Blue Whales: The largest Mammal

Posted on January 11 2010 Add Comments

The blue whale is the biggest mammal, the biggest animal, to ever inhabit the earth. Its body is tapered, long and streamlined with the head making up less than one-fourth of its total body length. Its upper part of the head (rostrum) is very flat and broad and it almost U-shaped. Its blowholes are contained [...]

Tiger shark: A species of Requiem shark

Posted on November 20 2009 Add Comments

The tiger shark is a species of requiem shark and is the only member of the genus Galeocerdo. It has tiger-like markings on a dark back with an off-white underbelly. The tiger shark has a thick and large body with a blunt snout. The first dorsal fin is longer than the second and the caudal [...]

Dolphin are very fast growing Fish

Posted on October 13 2009 Add Comments

If I am talk about dolphin means I am talking about the dolphin fish, that’s also known as from their Hawaiian name, mahi mahi or by their Pacific coast name, Dorado. The dolphin fish has yellow and green patterns and also has bright turquoise that fade immediately upon death. This dolphin fish may be differed [...]