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Hawks: The Predatory Birds

Posted on January 21 2010 Add Comments

Hawks are referred as the predatory birds with remarkably sharp claws. Their  size varies greatly within the 250 species. Hawks are predatory birds with remarkably sharp claws (talons) and whose size greatly varies within the 250 species.
Male hawks are usually smaller than the females. During the day, these raptors hunt employing the use of their [...]

Cranes birds: The Powerful flyers

Posted on January 6 2010 Add Comments

Cranes are tall birds with long necks, legs and long bills. They resemble egrets and herons in body shape but they tend to have heavier bodies. Cranes are generally gray, brown or white in color; African crowned cranes feature a striking gold crown of feathers on their heads.
Some facts about Cranes:
•    They are powerful [...]

Chicken: A domesticated fowl

Posted on October 27 2009 Add Comments

The chicken is called as a domesticated fowl as it is the most common as well as widespread domestic animals. Humans keep chickens as a source of food primarily, they consumes both their eggs and their meat.
A chicken can also be called as a bird. A feature that differentiates it from other birds is that [...]

Are Penguins Birds?

Posted on October 6 2009 Add Comments

Yes! Penguins are birds with a funny waddle and with white and black feathers. But birds are able to fly whereas penguins are not able to fly. They spend most of the time underwater to search food in the ocean. They dive and flap their wings underwater. When they leap out of the water, that [...]