Know about the wonderful Moray Eels

Posted on November 30 2010 Add Comments

p212022945-5Morays eels are one of the wonders of the sea world that has been known to be dangerous to humans and extremely reserved. These cosmopolitan fishes never come out of their homes during the day and rely on their keen sense of smell rather on eyes to obtain food. This results in the loss of appendages to those sea-divers who try to feed it by hand, though not necessarily due to the nature of these eels, but because of their anatomy. Their jaws are primitive yet extremely firm and if the eels are unable to distinguish the food from the fingers of the feeder, they either bite them off or their jaws have to be pried open.

The Moray eels can be mostly sea-bound, but several have been found in freshwater as well as brackish waters. More than 200 species of this eel have been recorded across 15 genera, in varying sizes. The smallest eel has been recorded with length of just 4.5”, while the longest one was up to 13’ in length. They have patterned bodies, which assist them in hunting for toxic algae or the fishes that eat toxic algae. Typically, Moray eels hunt at night and sleep during the day, even though they are known to hunt on prey that passes too close to their lair in the day.

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