Hawks: The Predatory Birds

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hawkHawks are referred as the predatory birds with remarkably sharp claws. TheirĀ  size varies greatly within the 250 species. Hawks are predatory birds with remarkably sharp claws (talons) and whose size greatly varies within the 250 species.

Male hawks are usually smaller than the females. During the day, these raptors hunt employing the use of their fierce talons to tear apart their prey. They live in marshlands, prairies, forests or open savannas. Hawks use their acute vision, in these habitats, to hunt their food and raise their offspring. They are fearless birds who will even face off with poisonous snakes if necessary.

Through the air, Hawks piercing shriek tears. An important message that lies in its shrill cry represents illumination. We can learn form them about how to scope out the situation and focus on our talents and trying to draw them out. They learn to see the big picture in order to understand the past, present and future. Hawks asks us to be observant of surroundings so we won’t get distracted from our path by others.

So, we can also maintain our inner balance as they also remind us not to get caught up in minor annoyances so.

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