Cranes birds: The Powerful flyers

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careneCranes are tall birds with long necks, legs and long bills. They resemble egrets and herons in body shape but they tend to have heavier bodies. Cranes are generally gray, brown or white in color; African crowned cranes feature a striking gold crown of feathers on their heads.

Some facts about Cranes:

•    They are powerful flyers with having the ability to fly over the Himalayas.
•    They form lifelong monogamous pair bonds.
•    They fly with their neck and head straight out during migration and their legs and feet straight behind them.
•    They are able to reach heights of 4,875-7,925 meters. Their migration is so hard and long that many die from hunger, fatigue or predation from birds of prey.

Size: The whooping crane is the tallest American bird, with adults standing to 5 ft. tall. Whooping cranes also have wingspans up to 7 ft.

Diet: They are long-legged wading and omnivorous birds that eat a variety of animals and plants. When Sandhill cranes are in marshy areas, concentrate on berries, seeds and small invertebrates. Those in dryer regions may eat insects, small mammals, grains, reptiles and other birds.

Incubation: They mainly build nests in marshy areas, although crowned cranes may also nest in low trees. Sandhill cranes mainly nest in the Arctic where they build large mounds of vegetation. They usually lay 2 eggs at a time.

Life Span: 20-25 or more years that depends on species.

Habitat: Nearly found worldwide except for Central, Oceanus, South America and the southernmost latitudes.

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