The Netherlands Considering Banning Religious Slaughter

Posted on April 11 2011 Add Comments

The Netherlands, the first ever European country that allowed Jews and Muslims to practice their religion openly, is now considering passing a law banning the religious animal slaughter for animal welfare.

Although it is still early to say all this, but a bill has been put up by the Animal Party in Dutch Parliament, banning religious slaughter and it is highly likely to get passed by a majority when being put up for a vote.

In the Netherlands, it is obligatory to anaesthetize animals prior to slaughter. But, an exception is made for religious slaughter, which is halal for Muslims and kosher for Jewish, and they are not bound to anaesthetize animals prior to slaughter. And, it includes goat, sheep, poultry, and beef slaughtering, as pork is not considered halal or kosher.

Recently, some scientists and veterinarians had claimed that animals being slaughtered without prior anaesthetizing suffer from additional pain and stress. And, if case this practice gets banned, it is anticipated that this specialized slaughtering business might have to relocate to other neighboring European countries.

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