Delhi Zoo Will Not Cremate Dead Animals Anymore

Posted on February 3 2011 Add Comments

In an effort to promote its animal exhibition, the Delhi Zoo has come to an agreement that rather than cremating dead animals, it will bury the bigger ones so that their bones could be dug out after the dead animal’s flesh get decomposed.

According to its plan, bodies of bigger animals, such as antelopes, jaguars and tigers will be buried and dug out after 3 to 5 months.

Last year, the Delhi zoo launched the display of animal remains at the Education Centre, which is next to the Lion Tailed Macaque enclosure. Antlers of 6 kinds of deer and preserved bodies of 5 baby animals are put on a show here.

Delhi Zoo’s Curator (Education), R. A. Khan, stated that “visitors can learn more about the animals by looking at them closely. By October, we expect to increase our collection, since we will be starting another exhibition then to commemorate Wildlife Week that is held between October 1 and 7.”

The zoo now desires to put animal parts, like claws, hooves, teeth and skeleton to the display. According to a zoo official, the zoo disposed of the dead animal’s bodies in the past, as keeping their remains was deemed dangerous. He stated that, “There is a huge market for animal products. There was an apprehension that keeping animal remains will lead to theft and other complications.”

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