6 Months’ Jail For Canadian Puppy Killer

Posted on February 4 2011 Add Comments

A regional court judge of Victoria, BC Canada, has penned down the hardest sentence ever forced in a case of animal cruelty.

The Honorable Judge Ernie Quantz has sentenced a six-month prison term in the case of a Victoria man who, on New Year’s Day 2011, reportedly killed his 3 months old puppy in a hotel room.

The 24 year old accused Brent Malcolm Connors has also been sentenced to go through drug and alcohol healing during a 2 year probation. Moreover, he has also been barred from holding or caring any animal for the next ten years.

The dog had experienced 10 broken ribs, many other broken bones and a ripped liver. A necropsy on the puppy also found a man bite mark on his abdomen, and the puppy died from severe internal bleeding.

Apart from this, the case provoked various local citizens to gather and form a protest group, Justice for Bandit, in order to put pressure over the respective Judge to ink down a stiff sentence. However, the judge declined to consider the group’s 3,500-name petition, which called for the greatest 18 month prison term.

The head of Victoria’s SPCA, Penny Stone, stated that she is happy with the judgment and hopes that the high-status case will encourage people to put pressure over politicians to make stronger laws against any sort of animal abuse.

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