4 Month Old Pup Rescued From A Cardboard Box

Posted on February 4 2011 Add Comments

A woman, who is in her late 30s, has been booked under charges regarding cruelty to animals after she purportedly tried to parcel a live puppy to a family member from one part of America to the other.

A week ago, Stacey Champion, the alleged woman, packed the dog, called Guess, and was only rumbled when the box consisting the puppy fell down from the counter when she was trying to reimburse for ‘high priority’ postage.

The puppy, a 4 month old male Schnauzer, has been taken into care while a conclusion is being made by the authorities on whether or not it should allow the puppy to be handed back to the alleged woman.

In a CBS Minnesota news report titled “Champion’s effort to post the dog from Minnesota to Georgia,” Angela Dodge of the Minneapolis Police Department, said, ‘clearly there wasn’t a whole lot of thought that went into this.’

Mrs. Dodge stated further that ‘they could sense it in the box, they unfasten the box and discovered a live puppy was kept inside with no water and food.’

Pete Nowacki, an employee with the U.S. Postal Service, said ‘A puppy is a definite no-no.’

Mr. Nowacki also stated that “the idea of placing a puppy inside a box and keeping them on an air plane with no water and food, no place to do perform their daily activity, it’s not going to work.” As of now, Mrs. Champion has been booked under charges with animal cruelty.

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