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Animalspace.wordpress.com is the site of all kinds of animal of this world that come in the categories of Mammals, Non-Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects, Reptiles and Amphibians. And therefore, animalspace.wordpress.com provides you all the information about each and every animal that has their space in this world like what they eat, where they survive, about their structure, their ages, how dangerous they are or how trustworthy they are etc.

Animalspace.wordpress.com is there to explain the concept of “Humanity” also. Humanity is a word that human being has created to personify the characteristics of care, love and kindness for the human race specifically. For so many years, animals have been man’s best friends so it is possible to extend the concept of Humanity to species other than Humans. We believe in “Humanimality” which signifies care, love and kindness for the human species as well as for other species. For animalspace.wordpress.com, its Humanimality is a place where you will rediscover the care, love and the capacity to heal that your animal has for you.


Animalspace.wordpress.com is to provide the information, knowledge about the different animals and to aware the human beings about the benefits of the healing effect of animals on human and the animal-human relationship. We aim at being a database of all information related to the animal’s activities.

Please feel free to ask anything related to the animals. Our team will be in touch with you to solve all your queries.

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